Musing with Max

Musing with Max

July 28, 2012


My backyard tends to be a veritable Disney movie. In addition to Thumper

and Bambi

we are usually graced with all manner of lovely sounding birds from giant shimmering blue jays and the reddest of cardinals to tiny fluttering hummingbirds. There are several kinds of butterflies floating from flower to flower and armies of bees, as Max has unfortunately found out. On occasion we've been visited by a fox and a couple of times wild turkeys. The ducks from the pond in the park have somehow wandered through looking a bit lost. Then there are the furry little creatures. Some passing through on their way home

others to scare the bejeesus out of us

others like the adorable chipmunks just to make us smile. Then there are those who come to eat. Sometimes they bring their own

but unfortunately other times they help themselves of our stuff
which annoys me no end because even though I have no problem at all with sharing the world with all of God's creatures I didn't sign up to feed each and every one of them...especially the dreaded groundhog
whose sole mission in life seems to be to eat each and every one of my tomatoes to fatten himself up before hibernation time. I hope he realizes this means war!

What to do, should I let out the ferocious guard dog?

hmmm, not sure that will work since he seems to come in the middle of the night. I know I'll spray them with the concoction that keeps the deer away from the day lilies. OK, that worked until it rained and the next morning two tomatoes went missing so I went on line and read that they're spooked by any movement so I bought two of these
yes, ugly I know but sometimes sacrifices need to be made for the sake of a tomato. Then all is forgotten when I look and towards the back see a little red peeking through and pick my first little beauty

I do believe I have won this round.


  1. where do you live, in the forest? I love that place with Bamby near your house and cultivating perfect tomatoes for salmorejo but I'm afraid you will need at least five or six.

  2. Wonderful post. I love having backyard wildlife, but I am not longer growing things to eat. Then, it was a different story! There's not much better than a homegrown tomato.

    1. Amelia- those tomatoes are perfection!

      and I thought we had critter trouble- great idea with the little windmills, have a squirrel digging up by lettuces in a barrel in order to bury his acorns, the windmills should work- will let you know! x

  3. Homegrown tomatoes are absolutely the best, and worth going in to battle for! I cannot believe your backyard wildlife! Bambi? Really? And all those other cute and less cute visitors too. Max must love it - so many friends!