Musing with Max

Musing with Max

June 24, 2016

Brooklyn Dreams

Did you think I was dead? Understandably. Well I'm not...clearly. Just a bit preoccupied and down in the dumps, my job/company has turned to shit which has me a bit anxious and none too happy, very unlike me, I barely have time to think let alone think of something to write. This too shall pass.

Anyway, we were trying to plan a long weekend and didn't have the mindset to come up with a place so we decided to take a Friday and a Monday piggyback and do some New York stuff, after all it is the greatest city...

First stop, Brooklyn!

I've been wanting to go here forever, finally! A stunning oasis in an urban jungle...

and suddenly I could breathe again. Amazing what nature can do...and food. Lunch?

Hill Country BBQ! at Borough Hall. I never have this stuff, it was delicious. Then home...

hmmmm, it was a good day!