Musing with Max

Musing with Max

February 15, 2017

End of an era?

I haven't been blogging much which I think is abundantly clear. I seem to neither have the energy, the desire, or the imagination. And it seems that most of my blog friends are in the same boat since I rarely, if ever, see a new post come our way. Some seem to have stopped altogether which saddens me a bit as I always enjoyed reading their thoughts and seeing what was new in their lives so it's a little lonely out here. I did finally join Instagram so luckily I get to see them there, not the same since it's usually a picture with a caption but it satisfies. This may or may not be my last post. I guess it'll depend on how, and or if and when the mood strikes me. I also noticed that my last few posts were a tad on the negative, depressing side. I suppose with my surprise unemployment and the circus of our country at the moment that is not surprising. But this was never meant to be a confessional outlet or a psychiatric couch; it started out as an outlet yes but on the light, fun side. That is no longer the case.

Here's Max, just because. And here's an update. Well after six long months I have finally found a job and will be starting next week, this is a weight off my shoulders. Regardless of how much my husband told me that it was OK if I found nothing and decided to stay home my head couldn't justify it. I was, however, starting to get used to the idea since finding something, and something that sounded promising and I would like, was proving very difficult. I actually thought I would never, ever, ever get a job and earn a living again, which scares the Hell out of me. That's not to say that I'll not enjoy being home, because the truth is: I have. There are quite a few things I'll miss.

1. Not getting up at dawn to walk Max so I can take a shower and get to work on time. Something which is especially wonderful on snowy days.

2. Reading the New York Times from cover to cover at my leisure first thing in the morning. Especially now when there is so much going on...But maybe that's a good thing.

3. Going to the market during the week when it's empty. Sometimes even three times a week.

4. Having my house impeccably clean since I keep on it almost daily without even noticing it.

5. Reading books.

6. Making Frank's daily lunch at my leisure which makes them more interesting. (Now I"ll have to make mine too to take to work)

7. Planning weekend meals.

8. Baking bread whenever the mood struck me.

9. Running an errand at any given moment, just because.

10. Not doing all those things I said I was going to do but didn't because I was a bit frazzled at the fact that I couldn't find a job. Like painting with all those watercolors I bought. Getting the electrician in here to fix the overhead light in the bathroom and move the dining room fixture. Buying the paint for the bedroom and the TV room...etc. etc. etc.

11. And most of all....spending my entire day next to this....

Sacrifices. See you around. Maybe.