Musing with Max

Musing with Max

December 31, 2015

The month that was

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Guess I'm in a bit of a writer's funk; not a lot comes to mind to write about and as Jennifer had expressed recently, we don't need to get redundant. I suppose I can write daily about everything that I do each day and goes through my mind but I'm nowhere near that interesting so I will spare you. I did want to try and get one more post in before the year ends so here I am wracking my little brain. Let's see what's happened since my last very depressing post, unfortunately some additional depressing stuff which we all know about and I'd rather not dwell on. I've gotten much more political and opinionated this year in this forum than I ever intended to but it's been a trying year so thank you for indulging my rants. I promise not to do so today and focus more on the lighter side of the last month and a half...and of course on MAX,

who spends an inordinate amount of time doing this.

Well the rest of November brought some balmy weather in these here parts which have continued into December, I have yet to wear my coat. Comfortable? Yes. Weird, even more yes. I keep thinking we're going to get walloped big time (please God no), others think we're owed for the last two nightmare winters. Whatever, we will need to go with it. I think everyone talks about weather all the time because it is the one thing we can't possibly control therefore giving us carte blanche to complain, complain, complain.

Since my last post, actually the day before, we went to the theater...saw Al Pacino in a David Mamet play...tried to replicate a memory of a Christmas Eve many years ago, 1984 I think. Al Pacino, David Mamet, American Buffalo, great acting, great play, walked out of the theater to find the streets of New York dusted with beautiful clean virgin snow, perfection! Alas, not this night. Not a very good play I'm afraid, a bit of an overwrought Al, fascinating as always though. The restaurant I picked was, how shall I say this, a dump hole in the wall...and then there was the news from Paris, left us reeling. The evening though has some redemption, before theater we met an ex-colleague from work at one of the coolest restaurant bars in New York, had a great time catching up and just enjoying each other's company, we all actually hated to move on. Life's ups and downs in a matter of hours.

We had Thanksgiving at our house this year,


with a few relocated and orphaned friends and then the neighbors stopped by. Goes to show how casual plans usually turn out the best. We had a lovely time, even if my stuffing was too runny, nobody cared.

All of a sudden Christmas was upon us, whew, how did that happen?

I pulled out the nutcrackers for the first time in several years. It felt good to see them again. We spent Christmas Eve at our friends' house sitting by the there is no global warming! Good thing is I didn't have to wear tights!

Frank gave me the gift of music

where I discovered a song I had never heard before

...or at least didn't remember. I could hear that beautiful voice all day. Frank got the gift of music and letters. His was a Rolling Stone Christmas, the best of the Stones and "Life" by Keith Richards. Who needs another sweater? This will all last forever.

Max has a new friend care of my sister-in-law Marta. Meet Jerry!

He guards him with his life!

And of course I've been cooking!

Portuguese Kale and Chourico soup.

Timpano! Something I've always wanted to make since "The Big Night", my second favorite food movie!

My Mother's special fried rice. Christmas weekend was yummy, I must say.

Tonight we are going out to dinner and a little dancing, toasting in 2016 with grand hopes and good wishes which is what I wish for everyone, but I've got to go now...I hear Roy Orbison calling me a pretty woman!

Thanks for letting me ramble!