Musing with Max

Musing with Max

August 24, 2014


On the weekend I always make the bed first thing, something I don't always have time to do on the weekdays....Max thinks otherwise.

Apparently I'm only passing through his house. Oy!

August 13, 2014

Change in Climate

It's been a strange Summer, I suppose just as strange as the Winter in some respect. At first it seemed so nice, no extreme humid heatwaves, nights when we could sleep with the windows open and no air conditioner July and August no less. Cool breezy days, my hair behaving every single day, wow! But then I noticed my basil, which had grown to about a foot tall, all of a sudden turned a light green with some brown on the leaf edges, the leaves drooped sadly and dropped off a bit, the tomatoes are few and far between, still small and green to this day when I should have been picking bushels by now. Frank didn't mow the lawn for two weeks and no one complained, including me. We barely sit outside as we usually do because it's either cloudy or cool or...I don't know what, and dry I guess. Then last night it rained, buckets of it. Parts of Long Island got 13" in two hours, I can't fathom such a thing. It seems its either feast or famine.

My flower bed by the side of the back porch is blooming like mad

including the wildflower seeds I just threw in to see what happened,

so far this, I think it's a zinnia, with promises of more to come atop 2 foot tall stems. Making up for the herbs and tomatoes I guess. It all feels a bit odd, somethings not right. Robin Williams decided to leave this earth yesterday and someone I am "friends" with on facebook proceeded to bash him endlessly by saying he didn't understand depression and that he was a coward, this is a person who's entire family I've known, and know that manic depression runs in it. Where is the humanity and compassion? I kept my mouth shut and shut down his feed.

There is a climate change in many ways. It scares me.

I dream of being in faraway places.