Musing with Max

Musing with Max

November 29, 2013


Where did this month go? It seems as if just yesterday I was trying to figure out a Halloween costume. We went from light to dark, crisp Fall days to biting cold windy days, pumpkins to pines; all in a whirlwind of non-stop activity and I can't believe that Sunday will be December. So where did it go? It's been a tad hectic. For one, my company has won several awards as a fast growing leader in it's field and awards mean awards ceremonies and dinners. Considering the fact that I was the point person on all of these awards our CEO (my boss) wanted me to attend all of the ceremonies. An honor and frankly lots of fun, you get all dressed up, eat luscious food and drink for free, sit at a VIP table with other chosen ones from your company, get talked about, etc. Also, a little tiring, got to work, run home, get all dressed up, drive miles and miles to places in New Jersey you've never heard of, go to work, run home, get all dressed up, run into New York by train, car or whatever method you and others have devised, party after the party get up the next day got to work....get a cold, do it again. Whew! In addition we have Thanksgiving, the holiday of holidays, the one everybody loves but the retailers completely ignore since we go from Halloween to Christmas in a blink. Either way it is one special day and this one was extra special for me since my closest friend from my childhood and teenage years would be joining us and so would her two daughters who I had never met since we haven't seen each other in 30 years.

So before November 2013 is a mere memory I would like to give thanks,

for reunions,

Trader Joe's awesome brined turkeys

turkeys, running around the yard

Dorie Greenspan's  french apple cake

Smitten Kitchen's absolutely fabulous pumpkin and black bean soup

The New York Times Dining section delicious stuffing and an amazing butternut squash and red onion with tahini dressing side dish that just brought the house down

Max, for making everyone feel so welcome and loved

Frank, for being the perfect host considering there were four women to one of him and he just catered to us as if we were all special...and cleaning up. I think I'll keep him

My Mother, who showed me how to set a table, how to appreciate beautiful linens and instilled in me the special meaning of Thanksgiving.

...and all of you who come back and read and comment and share and make me laugh and make me cry and are my friends.

...and leftovers.

November 4, 2013

Goodbye October or Smashing Pumpkins

It isn't easy bidding goodbye to October, for one it's my birth month and therefore always been my favorite. Then to top it all off, for the most part, it is quite beautiful in a myriad of ways. October is when we first start to see pumpkins and squashes of all shapes colors and sizes, like this

so that we can make delicious pumpkin dishes, like this

Roasted sugar pumpkin soup

garnished with

roasted pumpkin seeds

but then suddenly once it gets close to Halloween they start to disappear. Why is that? The supermarket next door to my office has been out of pumpkins for three weeks, and what do they have instead????? little pines with red velvet bows. Don't know about you but I want all that Fall during Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, last night our temperatures dropped to 30F so Max and I took the time this weekend to look out

the back door

the front door

from the porch

and the kitchen window

to take in the last of the glowing season which depresses Max so he'll go take a nap.

Me, I'll just console myself in the kitchen with Forager’s Boeuf Bourguignon, one of the October dishes from 66 square feet

Hmmm, I feel so much better now. Bring on November.

Thanks Jane xoxo