Musing with Max

Musing with Max

November 4, 2013

Goodbye October or Smashing Pumpkins

It isn't easy bidding goodbye to October, for one it's my birth month and therefore always been my favorite. Then to top it all off, for the most part, it is quite beautiful in a myriad of ways. October is when we first start to see pumpkins and squashes of all shapes colors and sizes, like this

so that we can make delicious pumpkin dishes, like this

Roasted sugar pumpkin soup

garnished with

roasted pumpkin seeds

but then suddenly once it gets close to Halloween they start to disappear. Why is that? The supermarket next door to my office has been out of pumpkins for three weeks, and what do they have instead????? little pines with red velvet bows. Don't know about you but I want all that Fall during Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, last night our temperatures dropped to 30F so Max and I took the time this weekend to look out

the back door

the front door

from the porch

and the kitchen window

to take in the last of the glowing season which depresses Max so he'll go take a nap.

Me, I'll just console myself in the kitchen with Forager’s Boeuf Bourguignon, one of the October dishes from 66 square feet

Hmmm, I feel so much better now. Bring on November.

Thanks Jane xoxo


  1. Amaaazing pictures of leaves and pumpkins--you've captured the best of fall! By Thanksgiving the weather is usually so raw... My husband made pumpkin soup this weekend, oh an sliced his finger on the mandolin--hello, country hospital!

  2. Oh my god, now I'm starving. That soup and stew look delicious.

    I noticed the same thing at Whole Foods. Their lobby display of pumpkins, squashes and Indian (Native American?) corn disappeared overnight and was replaced with Norfolk Island pines, alberta spruce and cinnamon pinecones.

    What pretty views you have!

  3. Our local pumpkins displays (which are not a patch on the grand smorgasbords you depict) have been replaced by lovely big mountains of pomegranates! That Boeuf Bourguignon looks the business! I'm off to check out the recipe. Happy fall!