Musing with Max

Musing with Max

August 31, 2011

Things we lost in the Flood

My box of tchotchkis that my Mom and my Aunt had given me throughout the years and I didn't have the heart to throw away even though I'm too old for them. My striped curtains that I used for one year before we repainted the bedroom and were still brand new. All the paintings that we weren't using at the moment. Two bags full of books that I was going to donate to the library. All the glassware that I was saving for that future garage sale. My long Bill Blass coat that I've had for a million years and weighs a million pounds. My long white linen dress that I've had for about 15 years and only wear once a year cause it immediately has to be dry cleaned (didn't wear it this year). My hot water heater -- aka-Hot Water and a bunch of money to replace it since the warranty doesn't cover "getting wet". My faith in some people. I.e. the plumbers we've used since we moved here (and that's a lot since it's a 107 year old house) and wouldn't give us a price break even though they installed it only 5 years ago. My faith in Home Depot who has an ad on their website saying they install the same day or the following and had that idiot call me and say that we had to wait until sometime next week because "we had a hurricane you know". My sanity. My infinite patience with this type of stuff. My ability to shower.

Things we didn't lose in the Flood.

This little guy
these plants

My vintage dresses that are hanging in the portable closet in the basement. My dance costumes that I had the wherewithal to move to a high hook. My Winter curtains that are in a box on a high shelf. My paper towels that I had just bought a case of. My wedding dress that my  Mom packaged with such love. My washer and dryer. All the stuff we moved to "higher" ground. The wine. My faith in some people. I.e. the guy from Lowe's who said we'll try to get there tomorrow...and will. My ability to shower very quickly in ice cold water. My sanity. Power. The knowledge that, this too shall pass.

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