Musing with Max

Musing with Max

July 12, 2016

Pushing Daisies

I hate to admit it but for the last couple of years I have neglected my garden. Not totally mind you in that Grey Gardens sort of way but letting it go a bit. The left side by the driveway that I've struggled with for so many years got to the point that I don't even want to think about it...or at least didn't. My neighbor on the other side pulled out a giant kiftsgate rose which stood at the front of the back side bordering our properties. Turns out there were about five of them and three were on our side and to top it all off the guy she hired just chopped them down which means there are a bunch of stumps, no rose,  no barrier. Something else to come up with.

And then there are the weeds, and weeds, and weeds, and weeds. They never seem to end. They're like grey hairs, pull one three more come out. Out of control!

So since I have a little time on my hands what better way than to try and get things back into shape.

The pots on the patio by the back porch have really come into their own and require little maintenance. The hostas and ferns come back every year and now all I need to do is maybe add two pots of annuals. This year, white begonias (my Mom's favorites) some lavender and potato vine. Simple and sweet. I love all the shades of green and different leaf textures.

The side that's always given me so many headaches is being taken over by goosenecks. Fine with me, I love mass planting and these guys look really good here. On the opposite side of this bench towards the front of the planting bed there are a couple of new columbines, several astilbes and more goosenecks; although not as many as here. I may add more goosenecks, keep the astilbes towards the front and move the columbines. Simple and sweet.

The side of the porch is overrun by a profusion of hostas which keep multiplying except for the center of the row. I noticed the whole under the porch...groundhog! Extremely destructive little critter but it's hard to despise something so damn cute.

(That's not him, he's elusive, editorial license, close enough)

By the side of the back porch is where our color comes in,

even though the bright yellow rubdeckias are just starting to show, there are only a few coneflowers but soon there will be an explosion of yellow and purple to compliment the new addition of Shasta daisies.

The daylilies are putting on their show

despite the dreaded deer.

We're very excited with our new additions,

two baby clematis and several golden cypress by the garage.

So after an afternoon of pulling and cutting and digging and sweating and raking and filling two bags with stuff...I'm still not finished but we're getting there.


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying gardening-it can be do satisfying. Though why dis your neighbor cut down the roses???

    1. They were at the front of the division line. She hated them and was going to cut her side down, mine would have looked really weird and bad so I hesitantly agreed (I loved them, they're a bit unruly and bushy which is fine with me), the guy was supposed to pull them out but just cut them so now we have stumps which we now need to remove and I have to place something else there so I don't stare into their yard. I'm too nice or just plain stupid.