Musing with Max

Musing with Max

September 24, 2011

The last days of Summer

Yesterday was the official last day of Summer and I must admit I feel sad. I somehow don't want to let it go, which is usually not the case. Not that I hate it or anything, haw can you? but one of the reasons I love living where I do is because we actually have four seasons..count them 4. I grew up in Miami, Florida, yep 1 hot hot, summer, summer, summer. This may sound like heaven but frankly I found it just plain boring. First of all, there was no Fall. I was born in October, a Fall child; also on Wednesday which according to the poem makes me full of woe, ugh! Anyway, when I was a teenager and read teenage fashion magazines the September issues always had back to school clothes and that meant Fally jackets and hats and sweaters and gloves and scarves and beautiful oranges, reds and yellows on the leaves which I could only imagine since the temperature was usually hovering somewhere in the high 80's with humidity to match and the impatiens were just being put into the ground. Ass backwards. At Christmas I always put on a sweater, usuall red, and even a knit hat on ocassion...and then I went outside...end of that fashion statement. So when we moved to New Jersey I was more than thrilled to say goodbye to Summer as a year round state of being. And usually when one season starts to fade and the other moves in I've found it exciting,  life moving on. This year is a little different, moving on is not such a great thing so I'm having a hard time letting go of Summer and this:

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