Musing with Max

Musing with Max

September 20, 2011

The Farmer in the parking lot

I have a huge admiration for farmers, after all it is because of their toiling away in the dirt and such that we have a lot of our food. The other part is also due to farmers; poultry, cattle ranching, pig farming, etc. I dream of having a farm and living off the land out in the country with lots of land and acreage and all kinds of lovely vegetables and a chicken coop and all that Disney stuff. Clearly this is a fairy tale dream without the crown and the castle because there is the toiling part which doesn't show up much; I usually envision me skipping through the rows of vegetables with a basket wearing a straw hat and there's a lovely breeze and sunflowers swaying as I pick my beautiful vegetables to bring back to my beautiful farmhouse and make lovely meals so we can sit on rocking chairs in the porch afterwards and count the endless amounts of stars in the clear night sky; in this vision I can actually make out the big dipper which I have never been able to do and frankly doubt all those people who say: "Hey look, there's the Big Dipper" but since I can't see it I always nod in agreement and look impressed. This is obviously quite the little fantasy but that doesn't stop me from getting really really excited when Summer starts and the farmer's markets start to pop up everywhere; and I mean everywhere. Apparently there's a lot of people with my same dream who made it come true cause there sure are a lot of them. We have one in our little town of South Orange but since we don't have a heck of a lot of room to spare, ours is in the parking lot across from the train station (which Frank thinks is disgusting since we don't have a heck of a lot of parking spaces to spare but that's a whole other discussion). It's not much really, our little farmer's market. I think we have a grand total of 6 stands. Paltry, I know but it is what it is and I love it cause I can get this
and this

and this
and this

Problem is I tend to get a little carried away so I buy a tad too much and then have to scramble to make stuff like:

Fried zucchini
dredge slices zucchini in seasoned flour, dip in milk and then in breadcrumbs, fry in hot oil until golden

Corn fritters

Remove corn from the cob, add one egg, flour and seasoning. Mix until mixture stays together; if you need more liquid add a little milk. Heat about one inch of oil in a saucepan. Scoop fritters with a large spoon and place in hot oil, fry until golden, drain on paper towels.
Zucchini & tomato casserole

Saute slices of zucchini and green tomato and onions in a lightly oiled pan

Place in layers in a casserole, seasoning each layer with salt & pepper

 bake in a 350 oven for about 30 minutes.

Max is very bored with this whole farmer's market thing

so we'll continue another day...after all they're here until October!!!

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