Musing with Max

Musing with Max

April 13, 2011

Model Behavior

After my recent ramblings about Spring, etc. it serves me right to wake up this morning to a cold, drizzly, miserable day. Walking Max on a day like this can be challenging. First of all it's cold, drizzly and miserable, second of all since everything was covered in snow and ice for so long and it has melted into the ground and we've had periodic rain for the last two months, the ground has turned into a mud field. It's very hard to tell Max not to walk on the soppy ground which gets into his paws and up his legs. This wouldn't happen if Frank would allow me to buy him booties but that point is moot. Hell, getting him to put the raincoat on him is a battle. And to top it all off, on this cold, drizzly, miserable morning Max decided to lunge and bark at every moving object he saw, every car, every school bus, every garbage truck, every kid, every parent, every dog, every squirrel, every tumbling tumbleweed... Normally he is the perfect little gentleman though and if I might add, quite handsome...
and nonchalant
and intense

and pensive

and forlorn

and beautiful

and quite the little centerfold.

William Wegman, move over!

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