Musing with Max

Musing with Max

April 27, 2011

Dinners with Friends

There's almost nothing that brings people together than food. Let's face it, everybody loves food so it can easily be the center of a conversation even amongst people who have absolutely nothing in common; even if they don't like the same foods at least it's a topic of conversation which everyone can join in on and not wind up at each other's throats; well for the most part. The European and Latin cultures will sit around the dinner table for countless hours with family and friends with nary a thought on the time spent. If you ask me, this is the civilized way to dine and to socialize. I'm not the only who agrees, just look at the number of movies about a meal, IE:

My Dinner with Andre


The Big Night

Babette's Feast

Eat Drink Man Woman

 Like Water for Chocolate
The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover
...OK well maybe not that one but you get my drift. I'm sure there's quite a few I left out and not to mention the innumerable scenes in movies of people dining and sharing...this can go on forever. And then there are books about food, and I don't mean cookbooks just read anything by M.F.K. Fisher and magazine articles and blogs. I think I've made my point. So it was with a happy skip in our step and sunny smiles that we ventured two houses over to our friends Michael & Louise's for yet another delightful dinner with friends.

The menu:
picky stuff
fennel and citrus salad

Roast leg of lamb for an Easter Saturday

Roasted potatoes

Pear crisp...or what's left of it!
The company:

the angelic Soren :)

Sweet Hazel, or as I like to call her-Grace

And who knew that lamb has the same effect as turkey

...even for Max

who wasn't invited due to the aforementioned company.

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