Musing with Max

Musing with Max

January 23, 2011

Work in Progress

So my second day of my new job, the day we have a meeting with the CEO, we have a snowstorm. Oy! Another one, 6 -8 inches, on top of the diminished 30 inches we had from two weeks ago and the three somewhere in between...and the frigid temperatures turning everything into ice
so Frank gets up, showers and shovels since we know we're coming home late and won't be able to shovel then. We take Max out for a quickie in the frozen tundra of Manso field

get our winter gear on and trudge over to the train station. Miraculously, NJ Transit is right on time and I am sitting at my desk by 8:15 AM wearing my Santa Claus boots leggings and a huge sweater; maybe not the best outfit for a meeting with the CEO but I'm here which is more than I can say for most of the people that work here. Frank I believe is the only one in his office today. When you've been out of work for an extended amount of time suffering daily hidden anxiety attacks and the creeping fear that NO ONE is EVER going to hire you and then someone does you are sooooo grateful for being employed that you will crawl up the Himalayas in a blizzard in flip flops and a bathing suit to get there...and you smile all the way. Because behind that smile is a thought process that says: "I'm (we're) employed so now we can start thinking and planning that maybe, just maybe we can go here:
or here

...or here

or here

or even here

...which means Max will go to the doggy hotel and we'll feel so crummy we might get him the TV room! Or, maybe we'll just go here

There's nothing like reading the travel section again!

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