Musing with Max

Musing with Max

January 5, 2011

Unemployment blues

Being unemployed is no fun; unless of course its of your own choosing, which mine isn't to a large extent. On the plus side; yes I was sick of my job and after so many years I guess it happens, I was sick of the people also which sucks because you spend an amazing amount of time with the people you work with and unless you hired them they are for the most part not of your own choosing and in a small place it can be pretty annoying at times. Either way unless you choose to be unemployed its a drag. Its scary, its draining, its depressing, its nerve racking. I've worked at the same place for a veeeerrrrryyyy long time and looking for a job was not high on my list of things I want to do, however I was forced to do so and have hated every minute of it. I have applied for jobs that I am not really interested in but I qualify for therefore I should apply; the fact that they didn't seem to think I was qualified is a whole other issue. But finally something pops up, seemingly out of nowhere...OK Craigslist...that got my creative juices flowing and interest, and the interview was, dare I say it? Fun! OK so I didn't get the job but I did get a freelance contract assignment which thrills me no end. And I got it the day of my Mom's birthday which brings it up a shitload of notches on the Yesssss! scale. I start next Tuesday January 11th, one of those dates with a bunch of ones this year, and Frank says I should relax and enjoy my time. OK, problem is I can't figure out how. And I have found that having time off, wanted or unwanted, has its negatives as well as its pluses of course. So, lessons learned:

I hate, hate, hate, hate dealing with workmen in and about the house. I undoubtedly never know how to explain things to them and I really never know what the Hell they're talking about when they explain what has to be "done" to me. So how appropriate that I should have to get stuck with the boiler breaking down on the coldest day of the year and having to call the boiler people and having then come here and tell me that it had to be replaced (which is the last thing I needed to hear when I'm unemployed) and how they'll come tomorrow and we'll have no heat for the rest of that day and the following. And then....I have to tell Frank when he comes home who blows his top because I didn't call him even though that would've done a lot of good when he was working in the city at 9:30 am other than piss him off and ruin the rest of his day. And later...when they come in and replace the boiler, an all day affair in which Max and I were holed up in the TV room with a portable heater, the guy tells me that the reason the boiler cracked after only 7 years is because there is a pipe leaking under the basement floor which they have to come back and replace, need I say it: Caching, Caching! So here we go with another day of workmen in the house and my having to DEAL with them. Only to hear after the pipe has been replaced and they've broken into my basement floor that the main valve is faulty and needs to be replaced $$$$$$. Then we have the funny sounds coming from the unused toilet in the basement...I go down there and look in at my own peril. Well, I'd rather not describe it. But this tells me one thing...THE SEWER IS BACKING UP....which means if we (I) don;t get the plumber out here right NOW to clear the sewer line it will back up into that toilet and start shooting up....OK, so here's another workman I have to deal with and of course $$$$.

Negative number 2:
I hate, hate, hate having to deal with anything having to do with the car. I drive it and fill it up with stuff. Period. We have been leasing cars for years which means we get a new car before the inspection is due which is a necessary evil (at least in NJ) with cars. BUT, we bought our car last year since it made loads of sense and now it needs inspection before the end of the year and I get stuck with it. Actually, not too bad. Decided to go to a private place in town and they took maybe 20 minutes, nice as could be.

Got to sleep later!
Got to cook more!
Spent more time with our nephews.

Got to play in the snow!

and got to spend a lot of time with this little monkey!

 And no matter how much I miss my Mom and speaking with her, she is with me.
All in all, not so bad. And I have realized that Scarlett O'Hara and Little Orphan Annie are right: "Tomorrow is another day" like this.

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