Musing with Max

Musing with Max

October 4, 2016

Perso a Venezia - due- Acqua

Venice is blissfully car less. The streets are tiny cobblestone mazes turning this way and that usually ending in a charming plaza which usually house outdoor cafes. Luckily Venice is also quite small, it doesn't take very long to go anywhere on foot. Which is quite nice because the little cobblestone streets are filled with all manner of shops, from cheesy carnival masks,

to high end fashion shops and Venetian delicacies.

 (Obviously we're not going to eat puppy, but I couldn't resist)

And as famously known, the other street options are canals.

This is the Grand Canal which is quite wide and circles the city; it is flanked on both sides by grand palazzos of yesteryear, Throughout though there are hundreds of charming little canals traversing the streets.

Here's where the traffic happens,

because other than on foot the only other way to get around is on a water vessel. And there is no more iconic a water vessel in Venice than the gondola.

And as touristy as it is and it sounds there was no way we were leaving here without a gondola ride.

I'm beginning to believe this magic business!


  1. We arrived by car to Venice with our friend who lives in Genoa. We couldn't see much from the road but we had to park at the top of a multi level parking garage and when I stepped out of the car I could see the whole city. It was breathtaking. I couldn't believe there wasn't one modern building. It was like waking up in the 18th c.

    1. I imagine you must've had to get on a boat after that to get in. We left by train and had to take the waterbus to where the train and bus stations are and there were cars and parking garages there, took me a minute to adjust :) And you're right, it is incredible. They talk about it decaying but I think those buildings can withstand anything.