Musing with Max

Musing with Max

October 16, 2016

L'arte di Firenze - due

Uffizzi is Florence's largest and most important museum. Although there seems to be art everywhere,

in all manner imaginable, and some in the most improbable places. We did not get tickets to the Uffizzi from the US. A couple we met in line at L'Accademia told us they had gone the day before at 3:00-3:30 and only waited five minutes. We decided to try our luck this way. On the day we chose the lines were long and the waiting was over an hour, we were tired from doing something we never ever ever do on vacation. We had spent the entire day shopping. Florence has a magnificent array of stores, ranging from every high end designer to artisanal paper products and a dream of a shop devoted almost entirely to Pinocchio. Standing in line for an hour at 3:00 PM to get into a very large museum that closes at 5:30 PM didn't sound like the most appetizing thing to do. So we skipped the line, literally. Instead we opted to cross Ponte Vecchio the next morning and visit the not as popular yet extremely elegant Palazzo Pitti.

The permanent collection is exquisite,

and had me staring endlessly at this stunning piece, "Primo Compleanno" by Plinio Nomellini. An artist I had never heard of. His way of painting the light was so amazing that as you stare in awe at this rather large piece there is a glare that makes you cover your eyes...and it's in the painting!

The featured exhibit though was Lagerfeld fashion photography. He has never been my favorite but this was stunning.

And of course, being that this is Italy there's the "food" art...

Culture overload.... such thing...vintage Emilio Pucci!!!!!!

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