Musing with Max

Musing with Max

May 22, 2015

Poppy Love

My next door neighbor has self seeding poppies on her side of the shared flower bed. Since they are self seeding and sway in the breeze due to that crepe paperiness of theirs some of them have self seeded my way...along with a little coaxing. So imagine my 10 year old shouts of glee when I came home yesterday and found this blooming in my flower bed,

which I immediately brought inside, and took zillions of pictures of. Lucky you, only three for your viewing pleasure.

And speaking of swaying in the breeze, a couple of years ago while replanting a side garden with coneflowers and rubdekias I planted something which I could of sworn was labeled as a Shasta daisy. It didn't bloom for two years but I didn't pull it out because I didn't want to make that "oh that's a weed (not really, $30 plant)" mistake. And I have to say this time around patience has been a virtue!

My very own

breezy Japanese Anemones!

Gratuitous Max picture, cause hey, it's all about him.


  1. Whoa--good stuff here. That poppy is enchanting. I grew some in a pot last year and something about them is so special. I must do it again. Good thing you didn't pull out those anemones--they are gorgeous. Isn't it fun to go outside and have flowers? I'm still in shock and awe of them.

    1. Great idea, I never thought to grow them in a pot. I never thought to grow them at all frankly. I know what you mean, I walk around my garden every day looking at all the flowers and impending flowers thinking “I did that!” I love you use of that stupid Cheney phrase 

    2. Congratulations! You've birthed a poppy! We buy them budded at the market, then we 'midwife' them by peeling the sepals off very carefully to make sure we don't tear a petal. I love poppy season!
      Looks like you took the two top pics with flash and the third without. Orange is such a saturated color you might try without flash, especially near the window. Are they all orange or is there a mix on the 'nomad' poppies?

      Was Max a puppy in that pic?

    3. I love surprises in my garden. Yours are GORGEOUS! Lucky you.