Musing with Max

Musing with Max

October 7, 2013

Winner-Champ-Top Dog....

Well I happily won Jane's very generous giveaway. The gift is the very beautiful book derived from Marie's equally very beautiful blog, 66 Square Feet. Well I don't mind saying I was giddy and ecstatic! I've never won anything...well except for a few times when I've won $2 from a lotto ticket, once I won $118 and a couple of times somewhere between $25 and $50, and then there was the time when I won $250 from Powerball which is a bit of a letdown considering the size of those jackpots. But I digress, this was so much more exciting and fun, and Jane said she didn't cheat which I think she did but I'll take her word, wink wink. Anyway, I waited for my book, and waited, and waited...and then last week I got an email from Jane apologizing profusely; she would be running out of her house in a rush every day and forget the book on the shelf, but now it was on it's way. Thank goodness since I was wondering, how do I say "Where's my book?" without sounding demanding and nasty. (I'm sure Jane doesn't mind at all my telling this story). So on Saturday I go out to get the mail and see a package...oh joy

my book has arrived. And with a sweet note attached no less

and it is even more beautiful than I imagined

and I let it sit there next to the sugar pumpkins which I bought for pumpkin soup until I can savor it.

So on Sunday afternoon I started to go through it page by page taking in the stunning photos. I read the first line of every month, in awe of how each first line describes New York in that particular month to a tee and studying every recipe which I am now so eager to make. And then I stopped at October

(see what I mean?), and not just because we happen to be in that month...but...let's see. Jane decided for this giveaway to happen on her birthday, September 18th, was a little slow in sending it due to unforeseen circumstances...but it arrived just in time for my birthday which is tomorrow...and October has this

the October birthday menu. Kismet I say!


  1. Beautiful book and you are the perfect person for it!

  2. I posted an image on Instagram last week that I saw on TV that said "Legends are Born in October." I hope you have a happy birthday!

  3. Congratulations Miss Amelia. Open that book right up on the cocktail page, perfection!

  4. OMG see what happens when I try to fit in dating, working, the gym, PT yadda, yadda, yadda, I miss this post!

    Happy really belated birthday. I'm so glad you were the winner, no you really were!

    But you were a winner long before I met you.

    xo J