Musing with Max

Musing with Max

October 14, 2013

The Color Purple

When I was a kid and loved football I had a huge crush on Fran Tarkenton, he was the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, this is their helmet:

Purple, nice no? My junior high school in Miami was Shenandoah Junior High, now known as Shenandoah Middle School; our school colors were purple and white. My favorite Prince song is Purple Rain. One of my favorite fruits is the plum,

the last gift my Mother gave me was a plum sweater. Are we seeing a pattern here? So when we decided it was time to paint our house and, like Frank says, "shake it up a bit" we thought of two colors. One was green but none of the ones we chose worked out, once we put them on they turned drabby and just plain blah. Not so when we went back to our original thought...plum!

And are we glad we did,

Front porch with its bright white trim,

here's more of the front porch and some of the side where the color really shows up!

the side, with a peek of the garage and our nice new charcoal roof.

speaking of which, the garage!

I love our new cedar stained porch and the new dark gray basement door.

And the back porch was just made for our extremely comfortable wine barrel chair...really!

And the ugly weird Trader Joe's pumpkin.

But I think yellow mums and pumpkins were just made for my purple and white house. Right Max?

Shake it up, do the bugaloo! Can it be Autumn all the time?


  1. Brave but genius choice. It looks fantastic! All you need is a ship chandelier on the front porch.

  2. I am smitten with this color--it is gorgeous and perfect for your house and that cute garage. Looks great with the charcoal roof too.

    It's funny, I get nervous when I hear the word purple, but I love violet, plum, periwinkle. Anyway, I love it. I painted my house two years ago, but now I want to paint it plum.