Musing with Max

Musing with Max

July 21, 2013

Dog Day Afternoon

Hello, it's me Max, the star of this show.

Did you miss me? I was on vacation. Well at least that's what they told me when they dropped me off at the doggy hotel and disappeared for two weeks. I think it was two weeks, that's what they said, I have no concept of time. I'm a bit confused though; I thought vacations were fun. I didn't have any.

Can't you tell? Do I look happy? It's OK, they're back now and we're all at home together so everything's fine, except for the heat. Ever since we all got back that's all they talk about, I didn't really know what that meant but then we went outside which is one of my favorite places

and I tried to convince my daddy to play but he would have none of it and brought my outside bed

and I sat there with them looking at our pretty yellow flowers

but after a little while I finally understood what they were talking about.

They must be crazy to want to be out here, I'm going inside where it's cool


Thankfully they got smart and came in too. Hmmm, mommy's taking a chicken out, wonder what she's going to do. Let's see, that's interesting she's taking out all kinds of colorful powders and putting them in a bowl

6 tbsp. Spanish paprika
3 tbsp ground cumin
1 tbsp cayenne pepper
1 tbsp ground cinnamon
2 pinches saffron

and chopping some garlic and adding that to it and 2 tbsp of tahini, whatever that is, and some honey and then stirring in some olive oil. Ooooh she's putting the chicken in there and rubbing all that yummy smelling stuff all over it and making a huge mess all over her hands, looks like fun. Now she's putting it in the big cold closet, wish I could go in there. I guess I'll take a nap for a while.

That felt good. I'm so refreshed, let me see what's going on. Mommy's turning the heat in the big silver box on, is she insane???? But wait she's putting rubbed chicken in there

Can't wait to see what happens. Looks like I'll have to though, about an hour or so. That's OK cause it sure looks good. Look at them sitting there enjoying it, hey, what about me?

No. Wait a minute, is that the carving board I see on the counter? and is that the chicken on it? Chomp!

Heh heh, where is our next vacation?

*Chicken with Moroccan spices adapted from Terence Brennan.


  1. Hola Max, ¿Sabes que eres muy guapo? Me ha encantado conocerte un poquito más. Se que le encantarías a mi hija ¿Crees que Mama te dará un poco de su suculento guiso?

    Hasta pronto.


  2. I did miss you Max--your sweet/handsome comical face and your intelligence and wit. I think you should have your own tv show.

    That chicken sounds delicious. I think even I could make it.

  3. Yay for Max and a new recipe, Not that I'll be turning on my big white box any time soon.

    Better bookmark this for September.

    xo Jane

  4. Oh Max thank you kindly for your recipe - I think you should start your own cookery series but it would mean wearing an apron and a silly hat! Keep cooool x Jane