Musing with Max

Musing with Max

November 25, 2012

Max goes boating---or---a Philadelphia Thanksgiving

For years I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner, and enjoyed it immensely. I suppose it all started with my mother who immediately embraced this holiday in her first year in this country as if it were the most wonderful day on earth. She would start very early in the day with help from my aunt and prepare all the traditional dishes. The turkey, yams with marshmallows, salad, sides of green beans and carrots, cranberry sauce, Mrs. Smith's pumpkin pie and of course her favorite, "the stuff". My aunt would drive her crazy as she ran around making hor s doeuvres of all sorts which as far as my mother was concerned weren't traditional. She'd buy a tablecloth with turkeys on it, matching plates and little paper turkeys that opened their festive tails. At first it was just us but then as the years wore on and my brother and I grew up, got engaged, married, etc. there were more and more people at the table. Once I got married and moved away it wasn't always possible for all of us to get together for the most famous of family holidays. Very soon afterwards I started my own Thanksgiving cooking tradition and when our families couldn't attend there were always friends and their families which were pretty much our extended family. Eventually that changed too as marriages and relationships broke up and family dramas just got a little too soap operaish for our taste. So this year when planning for Thanksgiving we decided to bolt out of town, just the three of us. And what better place for a quick but always fun getaway than lovely Philadelphia and the houseboat under the Ben Franklin bridge.

which Max just loves
so he can look out at the other boats on the pier

while sitting on the deck with his favorite person
and being rocked to sleep
while we go out for breakfast at our favorite greasy spoon
and take a leisurely stroll through Society Hill
shuffling through the ginkgo leaves that cover the sidewalks

while we marvel up at the trees
and the fact that some Summer flowers are still around
then head over to Center City
for a nice lunch of fish tacos

and a drink at Rouge
And did we have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner? Well no, because if it's not made at home it doesn't count. Instead we headed over to Parc and had
Salad Lyonnaise
Rabbit Pappardelle
and Steak Frites.

And then head back to find our little sea dog
taking over our bed.

We have lots to be thankful for.


  1. What a terrific getaway, and such a cool idea! Sometimes it's nice to escape the stress and drama that can come with the holidays. One year my husband and I went to Puerto Vallerta for Christmas. :)

  2. well, things change...
    This is a very nice tradition!
    (I am Alicia from prunus blog, I have changed my photo because of problems with blogger.)

    1. Yes things certainly do change. I knew it was you :) Must be blogger problem day because I had a lot of problems with them this morning!

  3. What a lovely way to spend Thanksgiving. The holidays are so stressful that an escape is truly wonderful. Next time, can we hide in your suitcase and go along!

  4. Wait where did the houseboat come from?

    What a great holiday.

    Next time you'll have to saunter down our way.

    xo Jane

  5. I think houseboats are so romantic- sounds like you had a fabulous weekend and some delicious food too :)

  6. Love hearing about your mom's Thanksgiving table and traditions. And happy you are making your own.GREAT idea!