Musing with Max

Musing with Max

August 12, 2012

Blooming August

By the time August rolls around I'm somewhat gardened out, meaning I don't really want to do anything in it and just lay about. Sort of like this.

Thankfully by this time the garden sort of takes care of itself and the late bloomers put on their show.

Morning glories

Crepe Myrtles

Pegee Hydrangea


...nap time.


  1. Oh! I love your garden, I have got those violet flowers but in two pots in my terrace, It's not the same but... I love flowers but the wind from east called "levante" here spoils them. thanks for your post

  2. They are all beautiful, and so considerate to take care of themselves and allow you some r & r. I adore morning glories, and bought some zinnias at the farm stand today--they are so cheerful!

  3. What a glorious garden and I love your dog Max.

    I just found you through a mutual blogging friend and have signed as your new follower
    Looking forward to your visit and comments


  4. Oohh can't wait for things to be blooming this side- the poor first blossoms of jasmine mistakenly opened and were promptly blown away!

  5. Loveliness.....guess the weds go away in August or wait they seem to have come to me.

    Take back your weeds Amelia!

    xo Jane