Musing with Max

Musing with Max

August 19, 2012

A Dog Life

It's not easy being a dog...

First of all you have to learn how to hold it.  You can only go outside and for some reason you have to wait until they are ready to take you because you are not trusted to go out alone and sometimes they can take forever to get ready which is something I don't understand. Why do they have to get ready? Why can't they just go out like I do without putting all that stuff on so I'm forced to patiently wait since I'm at their mercy

so I do. And speaking of putting all that stuff on; why on earth do they insist on putting stuff on me?

This is not comfortable, and frankly, completely unnecessary. And besides I don't even like football, not my game. I prefer the toss and run and catch game

which I try to play every chance I get but it requires dropping subtle hints

that they don't always get right away. And let me tell you this can be very tiring when you have no opposable thumbs. Then there's the furniture issue. What's the big deal? They're always on them and I weigh less. Persistence and patience does pay off though

eventually they give in to everything. Well, not really. Let's talk my favorite subject: Food.

Will somebody please explain to me why I get this

when they get all kinds of yummy smelling varieties of things. Am I not a member of this household, an integral part of this family...important enough? Yes, sometimes they call me over to the work area and give me a little something as if they were doing me a big favor or something but I've got a plan. I'll just innocently hang around the work area

and when they're not looking


What??? What do you mean where's the cheese?

Heh, heh, every dog has his day.


  1. Max is so adorable-and totally like our Boomer. B would knock you down for cheese...and hubby has taught him that "Tillamook" ( our PNW brand )means "cheese is coming..." It's pretty funny.

    I also had a beagle-mix for almost 17 years(!) whose name was Ranger-and your Max's face reminds me SO much of him, that I know Max is an awesome dog :)

    1. 17??? I hope he lives that long. He's going to be 6 in September and I'm already dreading it. It's so hard to lose them.

  2. Love this--he's so expressive. You captured him perfectly!

  3. lovely Max :)
    He makes me think of my brothers dog. We are back
    from our long vacation in Barcelona. I will miss this
    little dog!

  4. I hope the Lab doesn't read this post......she doesn't need any ideas in her constantly hungry head.

    xo jane