Musing with Max

Musing with Max

May 29, 2012

Hot Diggity

We were so looking forward to the Memorial Day Weekend. Frank had it in his mind that he would mow the lawn on Saturday morning then hit the wine store and then we'd just relax, lounge around admiring the yard, watching the flowers bloom from the fruits of our hard labor, having some good food and wine, maybe an impromptu gathering with some friends, you know, summertime and the living is easy, etc, etc, etc. My idea was a tad different but not too far off. Friday night with some fun food, needed to hit Costco because we were dangerously low in the food department and would have trouble filling the food part of our long relaxing weekend, then the wine store and the rest would be a repeat of Frank's idea. So, Friday fun food:

Shrimp Gumbo, recipe here, except that I used a fat Spanish chorizo
because the store didn't have andouille --- very good idea
OK, so far so good

Saturday, off to Costco and piling up the truck, the wine store and piling up the truck, getting home, unpiling the truck, wrap and store all the meat except for one big giant skirt steak that will be landing on the grill tonight. Go outside, admire the peonies
crank up the mower....oops, what's that choking sound? Again, again, again? Hmmm, don't think we'll be admiring the lawn so much. Max doesn't care cause he can just sit in it

and that's one his favorite things to do

and we can always borrow the neighbor's mower, and invite them over while we're at it for that impromptu gathering since we can grill that big giant skirt steak which has been marinating in a garlic teriyaki steak sauce and lots of stuff to throw together a big salad and pull out some of that wine we piled into the truck earlier, along with the Spanish brandy and enjoy ourselves so much we have no pictures, which might be a good thing.

Sunday means we Frank picks up the lawn mower and mows the lawn, and maybe a little later than planned we'll lounge around and gaze at the yard and Max will enjoy the roses
or maybe go after some buzzing sound because he has a short memory
or maybe just lie down and rest

because it is excruciatingly hot...and it's only May. Ouch!
The best laid plans of dogs and men....


  1. Sounds like an all-around good, busy weekend. The chorizo looks delicious, and Max is quite handsome.

  2. uff! Chorizo is to much strong for me!
    Lovely peonies. See you on Monday flowers in the house :)

  3. Love Chorizo- and husband would love if I put it in everything!
    PS- Garden looks great!

  4. Awww, love your Max's lovely face!

    Amelia, I went and lost your last comment on my blog, I am so sorry, ham-fisted fingers on my iphone I am afraid, so thanking you here for your kind words! Bx