Musing with Max

Musing with Max

May 21, 2012

Down the garden Path

This weekend the weather was perfect; low 70's, no humidity, clear blue cloudless skies...hmmm. Which meant all of it spend in the garden. Most of the weeding has been accomplished, yeah right. All the vegetable and herbs have been planted, the climbing hydrangeas for the refurbished side flower bed are in their place and the hostas and astilbes that we decided to plant in front of them are also in the ground so are the bulbs for the anemones and ligularia; I look down every 5 minutes it seems to see if there's a breakthrough in the ground -- nothing yet. The peonies started to show flower buds, yay! The ferns are taking over, the transplanted daylilies are filling in very profusely, the bush that I, probably mistakenly, call a mock orange that grows under the crab apple in the back is huge and beautiful, the rosebush that Frank hates bloomed, the fairy rose is ready to explode, most of the pots are ready...and then we started to mulch, mulch, mulch. OK we didn't finish that because we needed a break and a walk down the garden path to check on the progress.
aah, time well spent, so we'll relax a little in the patio

or take a nap

and rest, cause there's still a lot of mulching to do.


  1. We too were forced to take a nap in the middle of yesterday's mulching.

    Your garden looks beautiful and you're correct, mock orange it is.

    We got rain today, how about you?

    xo jane

  2. Part of the reward for getting so much accomplished in the garden is relaxing in the "stand back and admire" posture.
    Can relate to the hovering over freshly planted bulbs/seeds/tubers to see if anything's happening yet.
    Low humidity - enjoy it while you can...

    1. I think I jinxed us with the "low humidity" comment. My hair has entered its Jimi Hendrix phase.