Musing with Max

Musing with Max

February 27, 2012

Is it Spring yet?

Last week we had - oh probably 4 days of 60 degree weather. Considering that this is New Jersey and it is February everything is a tad confused or confusing. So this morning I went out with my trusty clippers and Max

to see what we could find to bring in the house for today's party and came back empty handed cause the daffodils may be pushing up but no blooms, same with everything else except for a neighbor's hellebores but since I don't know these people I thought it best not touch them lest I get arrested. So off to Trader Joe's for the ever reliable alstroemeria.
Happy flower Monday!


  1. I was just saying on another flowers in the house post that poor alstroemeria get a bad wrap for being a grocery store flower. In the same league with carnations. But I love both alstroemeria AND carnations! Also three cheers for traders joes! that's where I buy almost all my cut flowers!
    xoxox Kat

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  2. Amelia, Yay here you are!

    My neighbor grows alstro and they are a sweet, long lasting garden flower that bears the heat well.

    In the summer I love a vase of all white ones.

    But for pre spring? Can't beat the yellow.

    Have you been to visit Webb yet?

    xo jane

  3. The alstroemeria are lovely. And I love that color, so sunny.

    1. Kat, I agree with you about carnations, some can be quite lovely. I especially love miniature ones in either soft pastels or variegated. And Trader Joes always saves the more ways than one. Thanks for stopping by!

      How could I not stop by, that would be rude!

      That's an idea growing my own alstros, will check it out--I need something new in my garden this year!

      ...there's also pink and white...

      Sharon, thank you. I think we're all looking for sunny colors right about now, especially on our cheeks!