Musing with Max

Musing with Max

December 15, 2011

Things my father taught me

Yesterday would have been my father's birthday, he died when I was 16 which I think is too young for anyone to lose a parent. Funny thing is after all these many years I always remember him as if I saw him yesterday when on that last morning he dropped my friend and I off at school saying "Get out fast, there's people behind me, you're both lazy and slow and I'm going to be late". Then he laughed and waved as the two of us crossed the street giggling and waving. That was the last time, I'm glad I looked back, I'm glad he was smiling. I can still hear his voice, his laugh, his endless whistling, his snore which curiously sounded like a whistle. I can see the twinkle in his eye. I feel cheated. There's so much he, I, missed. So many milestones without him. I graduated from high school, learned how to drive, started college, dropped out of college, got a job, bought a car with my own money, met a guy, married that guy, moved out of state, went to New York, learned to make it on my own, grew up, lived a life, saw snow. Yet, there is so much of him in me which explains why my Mom loved having me around.

From my father I got my sense of humor and dry wit...and modesty
my love of classical music, my love of dancing, my ability to tell a joke, my ability to hear a joke and understand the punch line. My fascination with Christmas lights, my interest in architecture, my love of reading, napping, the twinkle in my eye. My love of flamenco, my five year old haircut
which he apparently kept until he was 10

thankfully not me. My ability to not take myself at all seriously, my love of laughter, my fear of new things, my inherent Spanish orneriness which Frank attributes to my being short which really pisses me off (see what I mean?). My swooning everytime I hear Pagliacci, my love of food and dining.

Huevos a la Flamenca (Spanish baked Eggs)

1/4 cup of olive oil
1 large onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1/4 lb chorizo, sliced or smoked ham, cubed
2 sweet red or green peppers, chopped
1/4 lb ripe tomatoes, without skin or seeds, or 1 1/2 cups canned tomatoes
1 - 2 tbsp fino or amontillado sherry
3/4 cups shelld peas
1/4 lb. green beans, snapped in short lengths
8 large eggs
pinch of cayenne

Heat oven to 350F and warm a shallow casserole or baking dish.
Heat the oil in a skillet and soften the onion slowly. Add the garlic and push to the sides of the pan, then fry the sausage or ham until colored and remove it. Add the sweet peppers and chopped tomato to the pan and let them cook, stirring occasionally. Add some sherry if the mixture seems dry. Meanwhile, cok the peas and beans and add them too.
Transfer the vegetable mixture to the casserole and distribute the sausage or ham. Swirl the eggs together with a fork without overmixing, seasoning well with cayenne and salt. Pour over the vegetables and meat and bake 10 or 15 minutes until the eggs are just set.
Serves 4 - Feel free to substitute.

I did not get, his ferrocious temper (my brother got that), his mustache
 which, I think, really looked good on him.

I am a lot of things, some good some not so good but the best thing I am on this earth is that I am my father's daughter.

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