Musing with Max

Musing with Max

November 27, 2011

Living dangerously

Some of us tend to go about our daily lives with a warning chip in our brains that allows us to not get into all manner of trouble. For example we don't run out into the street without glancing in each direction looking for oncoming vehicles and such, we don't chase after motorcycles at high speed just because the noise bothers us, we don't chase after people walking by with baby carriages which undoubtedly freaks them out since they think you are out to harm their little bundle of joy, we don't lunge at cars as they pass by while we are strolling, we don't stick our noses in the mulch and come out chewing something mysterious, we don't pick up discarded tissues on the sidewalk and hide them in our cheeks for later chewing thinking that no one has noticed, we don't chomp on tree bark regardless of what Ewell Gibbons says; and usually when we encounter this
we back away slowly...not run up to it at breakneck speed and stick our snout in its face. But that's only some of us, others prefer to be adventurous

and suffer the consequences

but so do those around us, so sometimes we get a bath at 1:00 am.

At least none of us drink water out of the toilet bowl.


  1. It's all fun and games till the tomato juice comes out.

    What's wrong with toilet water?

    xo jane

  2. Well done! Really hilarious, and so, so true.

  3. I thought I smelled something that night. How's the little fella doing?

  4. LT- He's just fine, hasn't learned though still runs out like a bat out of hell and heads for the back fence. We have to remember to go out and do reconnaissance before letting him out which of course we don't so hopefully there won't be a repeat performance.