Musing with Max

Musing with Max

September 9, 2016

Summer's End

I've never dreaded the end of Summer. Growing up in Miami that was the perpetual season, hot, humid, hot, a cool day here or there, hot, rain in the afternoons, hot, bad hair thanks to the humidity, hot...did I mention hot? Having lived in the Northeast for over 30 years though I've learned to appreciate the fun in the sun season a bit more. I look forward to being able to go outdoors and spend time just lazying about after being cooped up during the Winter, watching the garden bloom into color, taking leisurely walks and practically living on the porch.

We pretty much did that during the Labor Day Weekend. The official end of Summer when the beaches shut down, not really just no lifeguard, the town pools close and....most can't WEAR WHITE! Well the beaches were closed by Friday thanks to Hurricane Hermine wreaking all kinds of havoc on the riptides, temperatures were cool, in the 70's, and the wind picked up making the crepe myrtles beat constantly on the windows. It was humid due to the storm so the bugs were out big time. Sitting on the patio was a danger zone regardless of how many citronella candles or bug detectors were put out. The porch was somehow a refuge and works well for lazy meals,

(That's a roasted brussel sprout, bacon guacamole I stole from a Mexican restaurant we just discovered! Brussel sprouts, who knew? Scrumptious.)

like above mentioned brussel sprout, bacon guac, pico de gallo, steamed shrimp and homemade corn tortillas. I could do this forever!

The wind died down by Tuesday and the temperatures shot up into the 90's. Suddenly it was mid August again. The AC went back on, I live in flip flops and shorts....and yes WHITE! (but not white linen).

Today is a scorcher but nature knows the date, my flowers are fading fast so I cut a bunch of rubdekia to keep Summer indoors.

I'm making one of my favorite Summer dishes, an aioli platter, which reminds me of late Summer days in France,

(that's not mine, it was in Marseilles)

and dream of far away places....
Image result for venice

Then I remember! The last day of Summer is September 21st! Fun's not over. And, I can still wear white!

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