Musing with Max

Musing with Max

January 24, 2016

Dead of Winter

We've dodged a bullet this winter for the most part. Balmy temperatures in between a bit of cold and nary a snowflake.

Wait I lie, a light dusting last Sunday which disappeared in a blink. Then early this week they started talking about the impending Nor'easter arriving Friday night. First it was 2 to 6 inches, then it was 6 to 8, then it was 8 to 12, then it was the biggest storm ever arriving towards dawn on Saturday; going and gaining strength throughout the day. The run on the stores for bread, milk and eggs was massive, by Friday morning shelves were empty, if you hadn't gone you were out of luck. I had the wherewithal to go to Trader Joe's on Monday after work and had enough food for a small army, Thursday I bought water and a case of wine. We were set for Armageddon. Even then I was a little leery, last year Mayor de blasio kept warning everyone about "the biggest storm ever" and we had a mere 2 inches. Deja vu all over again. The good thing? It's on a weekend, no need to worry about work.

I got home on Friday evening anxious for our first meal, spaghetti carbonara, make use of those eggs.

Comfort food. 

Sat down to watch another episode of Sherlock Holmes, looked out about 11:45 PM, the snow had started to fall. 

Saturday morning when Max the alarm clock woke me I looked out at a sea of white, snow falling sort of sideways and a bit of wind. Bundled up wearing Frank's trapper hat (which is really all you need), put Max's coat on and out we went.

It was probably 4 inches or so,

the sidewalk was hard to navigate, the plow had come by so we went on the street,

made it to the corner in the blinding snow, Max wanted none of it, did his business and pulled me home,

couldn't get in fast enough.

The snow and wind intensified as the day wore on, I made chicken soup for an army and charted the snow using the patio chairs,

Saturday, January 23rd, 11:25 AM,

Saturday, January 23rd, 4:34 PM.

Time to start making dinner,

Moussaka and salad. Frank dug up a small trail in the back yard for Max to go through. watched some movie and fell asleep in the raging storm.

Max woke me up at 7:30 AM. I looked out and it had stopped, all I could see was blinding white. Bundled up wearing my high boots, stepped out the back door and stopped in our tracks, there were no steps, tried to push some off so we could get to the trail, it was gone, so were the patio chairs,

the sky is clear as can be with a bright sun, the landscape is breathtaking,

from our little perch on the porch, we looked at each other and went back in. We  have 30 inches. Yep, biggest storm ever. Shoveling's going to be fun.


  1. Just incredible. Here in New England we got a pleasant 6 inches! Glad you had plenty of comfort food.

    1. I guess it's our turn. You got clobbered last year, luckily it was on the weekend.

  2. Yay!! The snow brought us all out again.

    Been missing you and Max and Frank and your delicious meals.

    We should all agree to post once a week, hot news or not.

    xo J

    1. Jaaaaaaaane!!!!!! I’ve missed you! (You need to send me your Instagram handle so I can keep tabs on you). So great to see you! I guess being in brought us out. I agree, need to post more just to see each other. (I’ve never typed so many exclamation points)

  3. Hola Amelia!!!

    Espero que ya no haga tanto frío. Por aquí estamos teniendo un invierno caluroso. ¿Has visto el post que hice sobre Beloved dog? Me recuerda a vosotros ;)