Musing with Max

Musing with Max

October 4, 2015

Guns and Ammo

I rarely get political or too personal in this forum, it's an escape for me bringing levity, a little bit of whimsy from the day to day problems and dealings. I'm sure most of those who read my blog, and those who I've interacted with beyond it, would deduce that I am a Liberal. Not a bad word as the first George Bush made it out to be, not at all, I am quite proud to be a Liberal because to me it means tolerance and open mindedness which is a pretty good way to be as far as I'm concerned.

But enough of that. Here is the reason for this post. Yet again we have had a mass shooting in the US of A, not far off from the one 2 months ago and 2 months before that and 2 months before that and so on and so on and so on. The routine of our country. People going on about their ordinary lives of going to the movies, a restaurant, a feeling secure that some madman with a gun ...or seven...who is clearly not well in the head, because how could anyone do this if they are not crazy, comes by and starts randomly picking people off. Nice. The guy in Oregon was crazy as a loon, he had learning disabilities and behavioral issues all his life yet HE WAS STILL ABLE TO BUY SEVEN, NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT SEVEN GUNS. How hard is this to get? The second amendment of our constitution does NOT say we can all own guns, it talks about a citizens' militia to defend the country against invasion, written at a time when we had just won a war of independence.

We are a very long way from that time and place. Yet the politicians kowtow to the NRA because they back their campaigns and elections, anything for money...except maybe one day it will be their granddaughter. Too late.

I never thought the NRA could be beaten, they are that powerful but then I read this post from our friend Jane which, unfortunately, has come at a very opportune moment.

I thought change would surely come after the Newtown massacre. How can the murder of twenty six year olds not be a wake up call? How many more have we had since then because nothing changed?

I am more afraid of the nutcase with a gun in my country than any terrorist.

Please sign the petition because this madness needs to stop:

As President Obama once very eloquently said:

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

And yes, by all means...pray.


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    1. Thank you Shelley. Strength in numbers, as they say.

  2. Beautifully written. True feelings, well expressed, are very powerful. I was sent this via Facebook and signed immediately. Then I reposted it. Someone commented it wasn't the fault of the people but of the politicians. But this is going to politicians I replied. Just sign the damn thing.

    We have to do something, even if it seems like water dripping on rock. We have to drop.

    Xo J

    1. We have to start somewhere, this madness needs to stop. I was inspired by what happened with your petition, who would of thought it could work? Well, it can!

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    1. Gracias Alicia. Es una locura, problema unico de Estados Unidos, y hay los que quieren mas facilidad para adquirir armas. Desde anoche dos mas.