Musing with Max

Musing with Max

June 28, 2015

The Hood

After four very enjoyable days in Portland we head East for our next leg to the Columbia Gorge and the charming little town of Hood River. We are happy to find out from the very enthusiastic valet at our hotel that it is only a little over an hour's drive away and a beauty of a drive at that. And he's not kidding. On the road which follows the beautiful Columbia River as the road bends this way and that our view is of magnificent Mount Hood.

I seem to keep whipping my head around every time I glimpse it so I can take yet another picture

It is hypnotic and beckons me yet somehow elusive, one second it's there then  it's gone.

Then there are the pines,

they are massive and permeate the air with delicious fresh scent. If you veer of the main road there are waterfalls galore,

which I have a hard time capturing with my camera but I keep trying.

We arrive at the Columbia Gorge Hotel,

which sits right on the river

It is surrounded by plush gardens

with it's own little creek and waterfall

and swings for a lazy afternoon.

And lazy we are. We spend the next two days traipsing through the charming little town with it's adorable shops and cute restaurants;

the evenings on the terrace enjoying a bottle of wine

while gazing across the river at Washington.

We cross the river for lunch in the darling town of White Salmon, Wa.

at Everybody's Brewing

and find the most amazing view from their terrace!

One night I have a salmon for dinner that tastes like none I've ever had, river to table! I could linger around here a while longer but there are other plans in store so off we go.

And I forgot to mention, when we arrived there was a wedding going on,

auspicious beginning number two.


  1. That hotel looks like my dream of the perfect place. You are really capturing the essence of the NW in your pictures.

    1. The hotel was built in the ‘20s and has this other worldly-lodgy feel to it. One caveat, the rooms (39) have no central air so they have these free standing air conditioning machines which are extremely loud, thankfully when we were there the temps plummeted at night so we just opened the window as we were facing the river but the temps were due to surge to over 100 after we left, I could never sleep with that noise.

      I tried to give the pines justice, they are a wonder. I’m such a (north)easterner, I’m in awe of the difference. Truly a beautiful country!

  2. Those pics are great! Especially that close-up of the water fall! Several IG pics lately of Portland and Washington State that make me want to go back!

    1. It's really gorgeous, so different than the Northeast.

  3. Wow Amelia, the scenery is gorgeous! What a fabulous trip.

    1. It certainly is, really amazing.