Musing with Max

Musing with Max

June 29, 2014

A beautiful day

So I'm standing there on Friday evening deciding how I'm going to make the fish tacos using the bluefish fillets my friend Alisa had given me that her husband had fished out of the waters of the Jersey shore last week when my phone makes that "it's a text sound". My boss is out of town and has a tendency to randomly text at all kinds of hours with random thoughts that pop into his ever thinking head, so I figure that's who it probably is. Wrong, it's my brother:

He:Are you guys going to be home tomorrow?
Me: Yes why?
He: We're in Philly today for Aida's daughter's wedding and thought we'd drive up tomorrow.
Me: OK, what time were you planning on?
He: Hadn't planned that far ahead. We're going to stay in Ewing, NJ which is about 90 minutes away.
Me: OK, will be running errands in the morning so afternoon is probably best
He: OK I guess we can stop by sometime after 12:00 noon
Me: That should work
He: Great
He: We'll call when we're on our way
Me: Sounds like a plan
Me: She getting married in Philadelphia (they live in Princeton NJ)
He: getting married in Yardley
Me: Yardley very pretty. I love Philly we go there all the time. no cheese steak sandwich for me though yuck
He: That was lunch
Me: I saw the picture on fb, decided it best not to comment :)
He: Yuck
He: But when in Philly for a day you got have Pat's
Me: Philly is even a better food town than New York, the Philly steak thing is like dirty water hot dogs, don't do it again.

Now, I haven't seen my brother since I last went to Miami when our Mother passed away, that was almost 4 years ago. He's not much of a phone person, talking I mean, so we rarely speak on the phone and then it's only if I call. We've had a couple of long texting sessions because that's what he does but not much else. Last time I think was on his birthday which is in February. And then my sister-in-law and I had a little bit of a falling out due to something enormously stupid that I said so everything had been a little bit strained, much to my misery. I had seen the pictures on facebook of the Philly steaks that she had posted and two of her friends so I thought it was some kind of girlfriend trip. So the above conversation was quite a surprise, a good one, a scary one.

They arrived somewhere between 12:20 and 1:00 PM, he never called, which was fine, our friend Mercy accompanied them. I couldn't sop hugging him

just as he once did me.

We talked and talked and talked and talked, ate the wonderful cheeses Frank had bought and the Spanish omelet I made

and chased after Max in the yard as he went chasing after a Mama turkey and her babies (unfortunately left the cameras inside) and then the Mama came chasing after us to protect her children. Other than that he was the perfect angel.

Then they left. And this song popped into my head.


  1. I'm so glad all is well. It sounds like a great afternoon in every way. The picture of you and him when you were kids is darling, and that omelette looks delicious!

  2. I kind of have the same relationship with my brother. We're very different people. We don't talk, e-mail or text on any regular basis--I could go years between seeing each other--but when we get together, we usually have a lot of common interests. It's nice you could get together and share some time, memories and good food.

  3. Amelia, Your post made me tear up. We had just had a mini family reunion at our farm. One of the things we talked about was how lucky we were that our families (including extended families - down to 3rd cousins) get along well. It's wonderful to have harmony in the family. Reach out to your brother (ignore the difficulties you might have with his wife). Nothing should stand in between you two. (BTW, you look stunning in the photo.) Love, Christa

    1. Dear Christa, thank you for your sweet comment. We have always gotten along, I've known her since I was 12 and always thought of her as a sister. I said something incredibly stupid and she was rightfully upset with me but it's all over now and all is well. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you for the compliment.