Musing with Max

Musing with Max

December 31, 2012

Traditional flowers in the house

As a child who would undoubtedly fall asleep way before midnight on New Year's Eve I was woken up at midnight by my mother so that I would join in the tradition of eating twelve grapes when the clock struck midnight. Each grape signifies each month of the year and eating them at midnight signifies luck. She would also hand me a half glass of champagne. I remember this as far back as being 3, Latins don't have big issues with giving their kids's a way of life, normal. My mother ate her twelve grapes every New Year's Eve of her life. When she was older and alone and knew she wouldn't make it to midnight she had them before going to bed. I haven't always kept this up as sometimes we've been out celebrating so it doesn't work out. I do when I can and hope to do so this year when tradition and luck are so very welcome.

I will also on this last Monday of 2012 join in another monthly (almost) tradition; Jane's flowers in the house party with some traditional December flowers.

and some greenery which to me counts as flowers

and we join the most beautiful flower in this house

in wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2013 full of wonder and adventure and the best of times. Until next year, or tomorrow. Feliz Ano Nuevo!


  1. Feliz Ano Nuevo to you also Amelia.

    I love your vase of greens and berries and glimpses into your festive home.

    Give Max a hug for me and I look forward to more musings with both of you in 2013.

    xo Jane

  2. What a fun tradition! Does Max get wine too?
    Your house looks so warm and festive---Happy New Year!

  3. Feliz Noche Vieja y Año Nuevo Amelia, te prometo que esta noche mientras tomo las uvas con mi familia voy a acordarme de ti, me alegro de haberte conocido este año 2012.

    Un abrazo desde tu tierra

    Marina and family

  4. Happy New Year from Ireland. Love the stems and you cant beat the simplicity of greens.. Sinead

  5. Love greens! Just read about the good luck grape this week. Apparently it works ... right? Happy New Year!

  6. querida Amelia Feliz Año Nuevo! Mi familia en Barcelona también toma las uvas! Es una tradición que nos encanta. Yo me las preparo con antelación, les quito la piel y las pepitas y las parto por la mitad.
    Este año (por trabajo) no he podido ir a Barcelona, aquí en Bilbao la familia de mi marido no tienen costumbre de comer las uvas :(

    Tus poinsetias parecen muy bonitas y tu casa se ve muy acogedora!

    Un beso

  7. I've never heard of this tradition of grapes. I like it!

    Nothing wrong with sticking with tradition. It's always in style. Your tree looks nice too!

    Happy New Year!

  8. I have never heard of the grapes tradition but am looking hard for some grapes for tonight. Your home looks so warm and inviting and the reds and greens are so festive. Wishing you a wonderful New Year! Denise

  9. There's nothing so eye catching as a red poinsettia. Nothing so sweet as a dog napping by the tree!

  10. Hi, Lovely flowers thanks for sharing.

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