Musing with Max

Musing with Max

October 29, 2012

Flowers in the Sandy house

No I'm not at the beach. Wish I was though; instead we're preparing for "Frankenstorm", "the perfect storm", "the mother of all storms"...whatever it is it's not pleasant. It's just plain nerve wracking. Last year we had Irene which was pretty bad and I erroneously and innocently thought this year that once we passed the I names we were sailing smooth waters. Boy was I wrong...S? I've never ever ever ever heard of an S named storm, uch! So here I am the girl who grew up in Florida and thought that I had left any worries of hurricanes behind when I left there 30 years ago. Well here's the scorecard: Miami 1, New Jersey 5-the higher number is the loser in this case. Lesson learned, or taught. What can you do? FITH party at Jane's who's getting hit worse than me.

the last of the zinnias and the most beautiful leaf/herb ever-sage


and pumpkins
which wound up in the house for fear of high winds.

So batten down the hatches, hunker down, eat something stewy, drink some (lots)  wine and hope for the best.

Or maybe I'll just follow Max's example

take a nap until it's over, and don't open the basement door for three days.

Good luck to everybody in the Mid Atlantic Northeastern US.


  1. Your flowers and pumpkins look wonderful! And Max is adorable. I assume you're home from work today? Stay safe and warm--take a nap with Max.

  2. Hi Amelia, I hope you are ok and safe perhaps Max is a little bit anxious, kissis for all of you. your friend from Spain Marina :)

  3. Freaky, no? Have you read ARK by Charles McCarry?

    Makes sense of all this weather, in a scifi way:

    Your flowers are charmning and happy to be out of the storm.

    As are your pumpkins. Nobody wants to clean those up.

    We'll be in touch. Stay safe.

    xo jane

  4. Flying pumpkins oh my! Lovely flowers and gorgeous mums. Stay safe and warm and eat something stewy (love that word). Take care.

  5. what a pretty little arrangement. everybody's using what's in their garden and all I have is water-logged hydrangea and raggy roses!

    Napping with Max! I'd spoon him and sleep on this stormy day.

  6. Funny how your lovely arrangement of sage leaves and zinnias resembles an English primrose on steroids...
    What a nerve-wracking day this must have been for you....
    Stay safe!

  7. Pretty the surprise leaves with the zinnias! Stay safe..take care! My thoughts and prayers to all in Sandy's wake.

  8. For a second I thought they were primroses. Hoping you weren't affected too badly by the storm. Paul x

  9. Love your Halloween mums and pumpkins arrangement. Hope you're faring OK with the storm.

  10. I'm assuming the storm got you since we haven't heard a peep.

    Will you give out a shout when you can?

    Sending hugs.

    xo Jane