Musing with Max

Musing with Max

March 12, 2012

Max goes exploring

I don't have an i-phone, neither does Frank. We are probably the only two people in the world who have no interest in the gadget. The only regret I have not having an i-phone is that you can take pictures with that Hipstamatic thingy of theirs that makes the pictures look so cool, something my smartphone Droid can't have. Which makes me wonder how smart it is. I did some research though and found out that I could download an app for my Droid which does the same effect, and it's free (I won't pay for apps, the service costs plenty). It's called Little Photo. So once I downloaded it and did some experimenting Max and I went for a nice long walk looking for signs of Spring.
and we found lots of crocuses (croci?)



daffodils ready to burst

we even went to the train station
to see what stage the world's most beautiful magnolia is at
then we came home and took a nap

taken with my Little Photo app.

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