Musing with Max

Musing with Max

October 20, 2011

Max muses

On my first day in my new home I jumped on the couch. For some reason my new parents went, no, no, get off...bad boy, they said, and got this
hmmm, not crazy about it. Then they got this
which is definitely an improvement...and we travel with it

but I'm not settling, so I gave them this look

and soon enough the porch couch was mine

1 down, next TV room couch, yummy
library couch

not my favorite, something called leather but still its progress. Next the guestroom bed

where we all sleep together sometimes :), the window seat

the ottoman

the chaise lounger

and here's the big one...the one where I used to eye them as they left

their very own bed

but not while they're on it, except in the morning, blah, blah, blah. Not bad for three and a half years. I guess patience is a virtue as they say, and I guess it doesn't hurt to be cute and have the look, and to have the best human parents ever. There's still a no though, but I have my eyes on the prize

...but wait a minute...WHAT THE HELL, he doesn't even live here


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