Musing with Max

Musing with Max

July 3, 2011


So it finally arrived, by date at least and the Summer solstice and long daylight hours. Hmmm. And also by the swarms of mosquitoes which don't let us enjoy the outdoors at night as much as we'd like to. Our remedy for fighting these annoying little critters, in addition to spraying ourselves all over with foul smelling deterrent, is fire. Yes fire, candles especially scented ones seem to work pretty well, putting them lit on your head probably works best since they seem to stay away from the fire, albeit a little dangerous. Frank lit an old citronella candle whose wick was missing with newspaper and almost set then entire patio on fire. Anything to enjoy Summer though. I think Max has the right idea
Yes, lying around on the porch and being lazy, which really plays on his strengths. Meanwhile we'll watch as the tomatoes grow and ripen so we can have more of this stuff

which as far as I'm concerned pretty much defines Summer food. And we can watch these guys bloom

so we can bring them in the house
and they pretty much define Summer flowers...that is until the day lilies pop up! Can't the meantime we'll just go stare at the rain

Yay Summer!

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