Musing with Max

Musing with Max

May 5, 2011

Hair of the dog...wood.

My endless rambling about Spring doesn't seem to desist but no worries it soon will, that's because Spring will also and I get to jump into Summer. I can't help one more shot though. One of the last of the flowering trees before everything starts to turn green is the magnificent dogwood and it never ceases to amaze. We have one, just one, and I keep trying to figure out a way to have more, many more. Ours is intertwined in the back with a very large crab apple and a whole bunch of other much smaller trees. It's kind of spindly and long because the crab apple takes up so much of it's light and soil and nutriments and whatever else it needs. But then a few years ago one of the very large branches of the crab apple that surrounded the dogwood was mercifully hit by lightning and the little tree was freed. We figured it would take off and really spread out...well not really, it got taller but luckily we can see much more of it. So every Spring with breathless anticipation we wait for it to bloom so we can admire it's delicate beautiful flowers
which look like they're made out of crepe paper

with those lovely little indentations at the ends of each petal

We love bringing them in the house

so we can admire their beauty

...until the wisteria fills in

ahhh the wisteria.....
And what does Max think about all this waxing poetic about flowers? Not much.

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