Musing with Max

Musing with Max

February 2, 2011

Ice Age

This Winter refuses to let up. As if one storm a week weren't enough today's was of all things an ice storm and as far as I'm concerned there is nothing worse. Yes, sure it looks beautiful with that sleeping beauty quality of everything covered in ice
but that's just the problem...EVERYTHING is covered in ice. And if you don't have to go anywhere or leave the house for any reason at all, like say walk the pooch, well then that's just fine. But unfortunately that's not reality, we have to go out. So after taking Max for a very eventful and somewhat dangerous walk we slid to the train station and braved the increasingly slick sidewalk to go to work only to find that the trains were being canceled left and right.....So after an hour or so of waiting I slid back home only to find that everyone was working from home because WE ARE COVERED IN ICE
with icicles the size of 2 year old children dangling from our windows

and everywhere else around the house for that matter

and the temperatures are supposed to plummet tonight which means that whatever little bit melted will just ice over again. And it's only February 2nd and heaven only knows what that stupid groundhog did, I'm sure nothing positive. So while I toiled away on my computer chatting with people in California who consistently told me how bad they felt for us...yeah right! Every once in a while I snuck upstairs and hugged this

Hmm, maybe it's not such a bad winter after all...

...And we're still glowing in the fact that Miss Pickering came by for a visit; I do hope she brought The Hound

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