Musing with Max

Musing with Max

December 4, 2010

Let's try this again

So I ordered a new camera which will hopefully be here soon so that I can continue to play. In the meantime life goes on and things have to be done. For example: I went to the unemployment office yesterday for my mandatory appointment. This was actually not half bad; first of all I took the PATH to 9th street where I haven't been in about a hundred years and just walked down 6th Avenue until I reached Spring Street and walked one block west figuring that by then 7th avenue had turned into Varick, which it had. Yes! I had plenty of time since my appointment was at 8:45 AM and I arrived at about 8:20 so I walked as slowly as I am able in New York in the nice sunny breezy cold morning which was exhilarating...yes it is...try it. The "appointment" consisted of a whole bunch of people, newly unemployed just like me, sitting around for a presentation on what the Labor Department can help you with and so on, this lasted 20 minutes or so. Then they call you and you are "interviewed" by a counselor for a grand total of about 5 minutes. While you are waiting to be called you chat with those around you; the girl across from me was a stand-up comedian and I am still perplexed as to how she is able to apply for unemployment but I figured she's probably not very funny, parumpum! She didn't much appreciate my joke when I said that, luckily they called my name. So this was pretty painless since I was outside in the cold breezy sunshine by 9:50 AM. Not bad. I called Frank and said I was on my way and called Amanda leaving a message that I wasn't waiting around for her until 2:30 PM (whole other long story) and started my walk/stroll back to the 9th street PATH station. Before leaving I stopped at Citarella (used to be Balducci's location) which is the last place an unemployed person living on unemployment benefits should stop but old habits die hard. I bought a Margherita pizzeta for lunch and of course had to stop at the bakery department and drool, and purchase a little chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and chocolate souffle filling and then decided to go radical and got a pistachio and black cherry tart. Yes that is correct. When I got home we had the pizzetta and shared the pistachio tart, since then I have devoted every waking moment (OK, not every) to finding a recipe for this most amazing little delicacy. I have found these  two :, Not exact but close enough and figuring out which one we like best should prove fun if not fattening. I am also spending time trying to decide what I'm going to bake for Christmas gifts...why does my life revolve around food??? I ask Max, he can't answer since he's too busy trying to figure out how he's going to get some cheese of the counter, looking really cute helps;
and so does pleading with your big brown eyes.

...but it doesn't always work.

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